Ralph Sutter's Paddlecraft

Mike JohnsonPrototypeRiver Kayak13'24" FiberglassThis kayak is designed for slalom racing
NeckyElahoRuddered Sea Kayak16' 4"22.5"61 lbs.Rotomolded Plastic
Current DesignsCypressSkegged Sea Kayak16' 9"22"48 lbs.Fiberglass
Ocean KayakScramblerSit on Top Kayak11' 6.5"29.5"47 lbs.Rotomolded Plastic
AquaterraScimitarRuddered Sea Kayak15' 2"23"50 lbs.Rotomolded Plastic
NeckyArluk 2Ruddered Sea Kayak18' 0"22"45 lbs.Fiberglass
Wilderness SystemsTsunami 165   Skegged Sea Kayak16' 6"21.5"55 lbs.Rotomolded Plastic;
ClipperJensen   Canoe17' 0"33"57 lbs.Fiberglass

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