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Green Bean Suppliers
  Burman Coffee
  The Coffee Project
  Sweet Marias Coffee
  Theta Ridge Coffee

Coffee Roasting Equipment
  Whole Latte Love

Coffee Forums
  Coffee Wikia
  Coffee Geek
  Espresso O My Espresso!

Reference Materials
  Teaching to Taste; from the archives of Sweet Marias
  A drink by Any Other Name; Coffee Drinks Defined
  Coffee Enthusiast Resource Guide
  Triple Bar Coffee; another coffee enthusiast's site
  The Coffee Maven
  Bean Ground
  Sunergos Milk Training Video: Learn Milk Science, Steaming, and Latte Art
  World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon
  The Chemistry and Physics behind the Perfect Cup of Coffee
  Espresso or Coffee; More different than you think
  Blending for Italian Espresso
  Espresso Basics

Roasting Coffee

  My Modified Kaldi Roaster

  Roasting on My Kaldi Roaster
  Steps in making a cappuccino
  Composite; Degrees of Coffee Roasting
  Coffee Categories - from Lucid Coffee
  Generic Roast Log
  Blank Hottop Profiles Sheet
  Hottop Roaster Notes-Sutter
  Stages of Coffee Roasting
  More on Stages of Coffee Roasting
  Fresh Roasted Coffee Facts
  Acrylamide Levels in Coffee

Whimsical Notions
Image of Tennis Ball Saver
Intensify flavor with a tennis ball saver
Place fresh-roasted beans inside for 2 days after roasting to increase crema

Coffee Tasting
  Coffee Tasting Forms from Different Professional Organizations
  Kean Coffee Taste Descriptors
  SCAA Flavor Wheel - 1995 version
  SCAA Flavor Wheel - 2016 version
  2016 version - my modification removing grey background

  WCR Sensory Lexicon Edition 1 2016

  CounterCulture Coffee Tasters' Flavor Wheel

  How to Disassemble a Rancilio Rocky Grinder for Cleanup
  Descaling an Expobar Espresso Machine
  Coffeetime Wikidot
  Whole Latte Love Brewtus IV Repair Wiki
  Hottop USA Repair Videos

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