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Central Coast Home Coffee Roasters Meetup Group

Green Bean Suppliers
  Burman Coffee
  The Coffee Project
  Sweet Marias Coffee
  Theta Ridge Coffee

Coffee Roasting Equipment
  Whole Latte Love

Coffee Forums
  Coffee Wikia
  Coffee Geek
  Espresso O My Espresso!

Reference Materials
  Teaching to Taste; from the archives of Sweet Marias
  A drink by Any Other Name; Coffee Drinks Defined
  Coffee Enthusiast Resource Guide
  Triple Bar Coffee; another coffee enthusiast's site
  The Coffee Maven
  Bean Ground
  Sunergos Milk Training Video: Learn Milk Science, Steaming, and Latte Art
  World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon
  The Chemistry and Physics behind the Perfect Cup of Coffee
  Espresso or Coffee; More different than you think
  Blending for Italian Espresso
  Espresso Basics
  Composite; Degrees of Coffee Roasting
  Coffee Categories - from Lucid Coffee
  Hottop USA Repair Videos
  Generic Roast Log
  Blank Hottop Profiles Sheet
  Hottop Roaster Notes-Sutter
  Stages of Coffee Roasting
  More on Stages of Coffee Roasting
  Fresh Roasted Coffee Facts
  Acrylamide Levels in Coffee

Tennis Ball Saver
Place fresh-roasted beans inside for 2 days after roasting to increase crema

Tennis Ball Saver

Coffee Tasting
  Coffee Tasting Forms from Different Professional Organizations
  Kean Coffee Taste Descriptors
  SCAA Flavor Wheel - 1995 version
  SCAA Flavor Wheel - 2016 version
  2016 version - my modification removing grey background

  WCR Sensory Lexicon Edition 1 2016

  CounterCulture Coffee Tasters' Flavor Wheel

Image of Tennis Ball Saver   Intensify flavor with a tennis ball saver

  How to Disassemble a Rancilio Rocky Grinder for Cleanup
  Descaling an Expobar Espresso Machine
  Coffeetime Wikidot
  Whole Latte Love Brewtus IV Repair Wiki

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