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Fullbean Weather Station

The Fullbean Weather Station is located in rural Arroyo Grande, CA USA.
It is a Rain Wise Model MK-III installed on 02/04/2021.
It is mounted 17' above the ground 2' above the gable end of a Spanish tile roof.
The installation site is on a hilltop 5 miles inland from Pismo Beach
Prevailing winds are from the ocean toward the interior.

Images of the Fullbean Weather Station

Weather Station Location on Structure

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View from Weather Station looking West

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Fullbean Weather On-line
Click the link(s) below for Fullbean Weather Data collected by these sites

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Fullbean Weather on Weather Underground; KCAARROY208

Fullbean Weather on Ambient Weather

Fullbean Weather on CWOP/Findu

FULLBEANAG on PWS Weather; includes forecasts

Arroyo Grande CA USA on AWEKAS

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