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Napa Hot Air Balloon Flight

    Inflating the Balloon; (6.92 Mb .flv file)

    Balloon in Flight; (1.63 Mb .flv file)

    Balloon Descent; 18.4 Mb .flv file)

    Balloon Landing; (5.66 Mb .flv file)


Sundial Bridge to Anderson River Park Kayak Paddle

    Sacramento River below Bonnyview; (.82 Mb .flv file)

    North Street Bridge; (1.24 Mb .flv file)

    Anderson River Park Landing; (2.17 Mb .flv file)

Oso Flaco Lake Kayak Paddle
    Oso Flaco Lake 1
    Oso Flaco Lake 2

Bahamas Cruise - January 2012
    Index of Bahamas Videos (FLV files)

Morro Bay - Beyond the Los Osos Bridge February 2012

Indian Arm British Columbia - June 8-13, 2014
    Overview Map
Day 1
   Twin Island North
Day 2
   Granite Falls
Day 3
   Indian Arm near Croker Island
   Canadian Goose
   Sea Otters
Day 4
   Bishop Creek
Day 5
   Hike to Top of Twin Island North
   Kayak Invasion
   Twin Island North
Day 6
   Deep Cove Marina Approach
   Deep Cove Marina

Boundary Waters Canoe Paddle - 2015
    Boundary Waters Slideshow; (This is a 1.61GB .mp4 flle.)

Port San Luis CA - 2016
    Port San Luis CA Breakwater - Lumix

Port San Luis CA - 2016
    Port San Luis CA Breakwater - Yuneec Quadcopter
    This video on YouTube

Pressing Apple Cider - 06/25/16
    Video of Apple Cider Pressing
    This video on YouTube

Santa Cruz Island
    Santa Cruz Island Video - July 18-21 2016
    This video on Youtube

Morro Bay
    Morro Bay Lighted Boat Parade - December 10, 2016
    This video on Youtube

Lopez Lake to Pozo via Old Mountain Road
    a Google Earth Tour
    This video on Youtube

Sea Otters in Morro Bay California
    Sea Otters in Morro Bay - 6-17-17
    Sea Otters in Morro Bay - 7-08-17
    More Sea Otters in Morro Bay

Santa Margarita Lake CA 11/17/2017
    Snowy Egrets at Santa Margarita Lake, CA 11/17/2017

Redding California; 05/26-05/28/2018
    Sacramento River Paddle