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This project relies heavily on the Youtube video, EDC Boxes by "WorthEffort" located at https://www.youtube.com/watch

Walnut Needle Box

Begin by cutting a 1"x1"x8" blank at 3"

Work on the short piece. It will be the cap.

Place the piece in a pen chuck and bore a 5/8" hole ½" deep with a Forstner bit

Remove the 5/8" drill and replace with a ½" brad point drill

Replace the 3" blank with the 5" blank

With the same ½" brad point bit, drill a hold 3½" deep

Using a skew or parting tool, create a 5/8" diameter mortise ½" long on the end of the 5" blank

Place the 3" cap on the 5" base, support with a 60° live center and turn into a cylinder

Use a thin parting tool to cut a clean separation line between the two pieces, being careful not to cut into the mortise

With a parting tool, shorten the cap to the desired length

Back off the live center and sand the cap while it is still attached to the base

Supporting the 5" blank between the pen chuch and the 60° live center, part the base off at the desired length, keeping in mind the depth of the drilled hole

Support the base by using a 60° live center in the ½" hole

Part off the base and then finish the end by clamping a ½" dowel in the pin chuck and sliding the base over the dowel.

Use gouges/sandpaper to finish the end of the base

Assemble the cap and the base together and polish on a buffing wheel

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