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Download Irfanview from irfanview.com
Also download and install the Irfanview Plugins

32 or 64 bit Irfanview?

Starting with IrfanView 4.40 there is also a 64-bit version available.
Advantages of IrfanView 64-bit over 32-bit version:
It can load VERY large files/images (image RAM size over 1.3 GB, for special users)|
Faster for very large images (25+ Megapixels, loading or image operations)
Runs 'only' on a 64-bit Windows (Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10)

Advantages of IrfanView 32-bit over 64-bit version:
Runs on a 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
Loads all files/images for normal needs (max. RAM size is about 1.3 GB)
Needs less disc space
All Plugins will work: not all Plugins are ported (yet) to 64-bit (like OCR) and some 32-bit
Plugins must be still used in the 64-bit version, some with limitations (see the "Plugins32" folder)
Some old 32-bit Plugins (like RIOT and Adobe 8BF Plugin) work only in compatibility mode in
IrfanView-64 (only 32-bit 8BF files/effects can be used)
Command line options for scanning (/scan etc.) work only in 32-bit (because no 64-bit TWAIN drivers)

You can install both versions on the same system, just use different folders.
For example: install the 32-bit version in your "Program Files (x86)" folder and the 64-bit version in your "Program Files" folder
(install 32-bit Plugins to IrfanView-32 and 64-bit Plugins to IrfanView-64, DO NOT mix the Plugins and IrfanView bit versions)
The program name and icon have some extra text in the 64-bit version for better distinguishing

From the Author; What is Irfanview; https://www.irfanview.com/main_what_is_engl.htm
When you install Irfanview, you can set it up to be the default program for many file types - Irfanview asks Are you sure?
I most frequently use Irfanview as an Image Viewer. It is quick and opens many different image extensions quickly (Hit Enter key to display images full screen) Photos
Image Manipulation
Irfanview can perform common image manipulations; rotate image, resize, crop and many more

Display Image Properties, EXIF and IPTC info - Type i

Color Corrections Image/Color correction

Histogram Image/Histogram
Sharpen Image/Sharpen
Effects Image/Effects When Adjusting, either use the slider or the arrow keys to change values
Launch other editors (Options/Properties and Settings/Miscellaneous)
Use Adobe Plugins

Slideshow Creator
  Select images, videos
  Add titles - Edit/Insert Text
  Set Backgr. Transparency to Transparent and Text transparency to None
  Modify Font, Color
  Click on Preview and move text on screen
  Click OK to save changes
  Add music by making the first slide a sound file
  Option to save slideshow as self-contained .exe file - and Extract content of .exe file by opening .exe file and typing e

Image e-mailer: Shift+M (and then launch Outlook or other e-mail client)

Music Player
   Best Relaxing Jazz Piano - Jazz Piano Hits and Soft Ballads

Andy in the Rain

Screen Capture - Open Irfanview, Press C then press Ctrl + F11 - Image will be saved where you direct.

Irfanview as Scanner -- (First time only - Choose Twain Source) then File/Acquire/Batch Scanning

Irfanview as Copier -- (First time only - Choose Twain Source) File/Copy Shop

OCR Recognition (Press F9) (Download plugin from https://www.irfanview.info/plugins/kadmos/ Only works on 32 bit version of Irfanview

Irfanview Tutorials on Fullbean.com
  Batch File Resizing using Irfanview
  Creating a Video Slide Show with Irfanview
  Also on YouTube at https://youtu.be/7EEkHF8Uik0
  Showing Thumbnails in Windows for RAW files with Irfanview
  Also on YouTube at https://youtu.be/__Yb-pYlcQ8
  Inserting Text in an Image with Irfanview
  Configuring Irfanview to Play .mp4 Files
  Change the order in which Irfanview opens images
  This file

Irfanview Keyboard Shortcuts - Help/Keyboard Shortcuts

To create a portable version of Irfanview, just copy the Irfanview folder to a flash drive or other portable device

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