Sandwich Style Steamed Buns

300g all-purpose flour
15g sugar
3g baking powder
5g fine sea salt
200g whole milk
4g dry yeast, any variety
15g peanut oil (plus additional for brushing)
1 – 2 tablespoons fresh chives, minced (optional)

Eight buns @70 grams each

In a large, wide bowl suitable for kneading, weigh then sift together flour, sugar, salt and baking powder.
Remove two heaping spoonfuls and set aside to be added to yeast starter later.
Whisk to combine.
In a glass measuring cup or similar, microwave the milk to 120° F, about 35 seconds depending on your oven.
Check temperature and cool/reheat to a target temperature of 110° F ensuring it is not above 115° F.
Combine the reserved flour and milk with the yeast and whisk together well.
Set aside until foam develops on the surface, about five minutes.
Add the milk/yeast mixture to the flour along with the peanut oil and optional chives.
Stir just to combine and allow to sit for five minutes to hydrate the flour completely.
Knead the dough until smooth, about five minutes, then cover with plastic wrap and rest in a warm undisturbed spot for an hour.
The dough is ready when three fingers pressed in the centre leave an deep indentation.
Divide the dough into eight equal portions forming each into a tight ball.
Cover with plastic/damp towel and allow to rest ten to twenty minutes so the dough can relax.
Roll each ball into an oval shape.
If absolutely necessary add the smallest amount of cornstarch to your work surface.
Do not add additional flour. Brush one side of each oval lightly with peanut oil avoiding the tips then fold the longest two ends to meet and seal with a very firm pinch just at the joined tip.
Place each bun on a parchment square in a bamboo steamer with space between to both rise and allow ample steam circulation.
Multiple stacking steamers can be used to avoid overcrowding.
Allow buns to rise 45-60 minutes while you bring a large skillet to boiling separately.

When the skillet is at full heat, place the covered steamer on top and steam for ten minutes without removing the lid.
Turn off the heat leaving the lid in place and allow to sit an additional ten minutes.
Peeking, even just for second, or failure to perform this rest will usually result in deflated buns. You have been warned.

Pork filling for steamed buns

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