Fullbean Tutorials - Microsoft Outlook - Global Address Book

My e-mail client is Microsoft Outlook, part of the Microsoft Office 365 Package.

It has always frustrated me that when I click on the Address Book icon, I see the Global Address Book.

In that address book, my name is the only one listed.

This is apparently normal because I run Outlook on an Exchange Server and I am the only "employee" in my "organization"

If I want to insert the e-mail address of anyone else, I have to open the drop down menu and select Contacts.

A Google search revealed that this behavior can be changed.

In Outlook, from the Home Tab, click on Address Book. When it opens, click first on Tools and then on Options

Select the radio button Start with Contact Folders rather than Start with Global Address List.

If you want more choices, select the Custom radio button.

Next time that you click on Addresses, your Contacts, not the Global Address Book will appear.

Microsoft goes into more detail at the link that follows


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