Fullbean Tutorials - Change the IP Address of a Ubuntu Server

When I changed my Internet provider over to Starlink, I had to set the Starlink router to Bypass Mode in order to continue using my Netgear Orbi mesh router to assign ip addresses.
After bypassing the Starlink router, the address for all of my networked devices spontaneously changed from the format 192.168.1.xx to 10.0.0.xx
There was one exception; my Ubuntu server that I call Thinkserver remained unchanged at
As a result, I could only connect to Thinkserver from the PCs on my network.
Machines running Linux, Mac OS or Raspberry Pi refused to connect to Thinkserver. To fix this, I wanted to change Thinkserver's ip address to
These are the steps that I took to change Thinkserver's ip address
On Thinkserver, I went to the Terminal and typed ifconfig
I made note of the values listed there
The relevant information was
eno1 (This is the onboard Ethernet/wired adapter)
To change my ip address, I typed sudo ifconfig eno1 down (Turns off network)
sudo ifconfig eno1 netmask
(Ethernet adapter, new inet address, netmask address)
sudo ifconfig eno1 up (Turns network back on)
ifconfig (Confirms whether the requested changes were made)
The operation was successful. Thinkserver is now visible from all devices.