Brined Olives

Initial Preparation
Wash the olives under water very well and then crack the olives.
Break the skin by mashing the olives gently with the bottom of a jar or similar item.

Cure The Olives In Water To Remove Bitterness
Put the olives in a large jar.
Pour cold water over them. Submerge them with a plate.
Let them sit for 10 days, changing the water once a day during this time.
After ten days, taste one of the olives and keep changing the water for another week if it's still too bitter.

Prepare The Brine
It is simply the combination of water and salt. Put water in a large pot. Add some salt into it and mix well. Place an unbroken raw egg in that water. If the egg floats, you have the right ratio. If it doesn't float, add more salt and test again.
Put the cured olives in small jars or in a large one. Fill up the jars with the brine so that the olives are completely covered.
Place a cheesecloth over them to prevent air from touching the olives.
Cover the jars with their lids and let sit for about a week. They'll be ready to eat after this process.

Alternative Method
Wash freshly picked olives in water
Pierce the olives by pricking the skin. I use a meat tenderizer
Soak the olives in water, channging it daily for one week
Drain the olives and place them in glass jars, layering them with handfuls of Kosher salt
Allow 3-4 weeks for the olives to cure
Remove them from the jars and rinse off all of the salt
Drain them and place in jars, adding a small amount of olive oil before screwing on the lid
NOTE: You are not canning the olives. The salt treatment will preserve them.

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