Fullbean Recipes - Grape Jelly

One unit of grapes or other fruit
¾ unit of sugar
½ tablespoons of pectin per 8 oz (½ pint jar)

Wash grapes.
Remove stems
Puree until smooth
Pour through strainer
Place grape pulp that doesn't strain out in a mesh bag and squeeze out more juice
Puree the remaining pulp, place in a mesh bag and squeeze out any remaining juice
Setting aside 1 cup of grape juice, simmer remaining grape juice for 10 minutes
Mix pectin thoroughly with the reserved (unheated) grape juice
    NOTE: This step avoids having the pectin clump up when sprinkled on hot grape juice)
Add the sugar and the pectin-grape juice mixture to the simmering grape juice
Stirring constantly, bring to a full boil for one minute
Ladle the contents into sterilized canning jars leaving 1/2 inch headspace
Remove lids that have been boiling in water and place them on the jars, securing with jar rings
Place the jars in a water bath
Heat to boiling and hold temperature for 10 minutes
Remove jars and store unrefrigerated for up to 18 months for sealed jars.
Reprocess any jars that didn't seal properly or place them in the refrigerator and use within one month


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