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NOTE: This page is no longer updated. I have left it on-line in the hope that it may still prove useful to some.

Writing HTML

Introduction to HTML; a web tutorial site maintained by Case Western Reserve University;

HTML Help Central

Big Pond; Use this site's Seacrh function to access their well written FAQs on step-by-step web page creation

Builder.com, A useful resource not only for HTML but also Web development and much more.

HTML Goodies

Web Worker's Tool Box; Robert Crooks' site is compendium of knowledge. It includes basic computing, HTML materials, cascading style sheets, images and Using the Web in Education.

NCSA Beginners Guide to HTML

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

HTML Center; This site contains many articles illustrating HTML techniques as well as information related to CSS, graphics, DHTML and Javascript

Demo of Folder Hierarchies (View the source code to see naming conventions.)

Explanation of doctypes

Web Standards

World Wide Web Consortium; The definitive source for web standards

Web Design Group Opening Page; Another authoritative HTML reference source

WDG Web Authoring Frequently Asked Questions

HTML 3.2 Reference Specification

HTML 4.0 Reference Specification

Web Editors

Kompozer; a full-featured HTML editor with hand coding and WYSIWYG modes - includes preview mode and FTP capabilities

NVU; the predecessor of Kompozer; similar features

HTML Tidy Editor; a very sophisticated freeware editor. Also converts html to xml

NoteTab Light; a replacement for Windows Notepad, as well as a freeware HTML editor

Free Web Hosting

Freehostia; indeed free, no ads, FTP uploading enabled

Free Web Space; lists providers of free web hosting

Bravenet free web hosting




GIFWorks; online programs for creating 3 D text, banners, button and animated GIF images - includes GIF library

Icons and Images for Use in HTML Documents

RGB Color Chart This table by Doug Jacobson gives a color sample and its RGB symbol code for each color in the 256 color set.

FTP Software

Filezilla; This file transfer program (FTP) is used to move your web page from your computer to the server on the web where others can see it. It is free for non-commercial use, is updated frequently and is available in several different platforms.


These tools check HTML code for errors. Also included are browser compatibility charts.

WDG Validator

W3C Validator

CSS Check by Liam Quinn This program checks your cascading style sheet for errors and suggests changes for improved performance.

Cascading Style Sheets

Ralph Sutter's CSS Page;
Caution, this page, though it may be helpful, has not been updated recently.

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