Fullbean Charcuterie
Ingredient Sources
32-35mm Natural Hog Casing, for 100 pounds of sausage $27.99 plus $15.04 shipping

Prague Powder #1 $8.99/lb
NOTE: Prague Powder #1 aka Instacure #1 is not Himalayan Salt or Prague Powder #2.

Prague Powder #2 $17.99 for 5 pounds
NOTE: Prague Powder #2 aka Instacure #2 or DQ Curing Salt #2 is necessary for long curing dry sausages. It is not the same as Prague Powder #1 or Pink Salt (Himalayan Salt)
Bactoferm Mold 600 $23.99 for 25 grams      
  Specs for Bactoferm Mold 600
Bactoferm Information Sheet

Dextrose $11.99/1lb  


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