Sites Hispanic or in Spanish


Zona Latina; a master site with innumerable links to Spanish language newspapers, magazines, television and media contacts. This site is updated frequently

Centro Virtual Cervantes

Buscador de Biografías; biographical encyclopedia of current and historical figures
La Página del Idioma español

Iberian Language and Literature Web

Your Mining Co Guide to Spanish Culture

Rain en español; Numerous links to Hispanic sites on the Central Coast of California and beyond

WWW Foreign Languages Resources on the Web


Proofing tools; Spellcheckers for Word - Many languages available including Spanish

La Red; This site contains detailed information in Spanish about Web administration, computer viruses and assorted Internet issues. (Venezuela)

Chatmania; Not only a chat room but lots of general material in Spanish

Dictionaries and Reference Materials A premiere on-line dictionary that gives definitions in the same language or translates from one language to another Another comprehensive resource translating many languages and offering language courses

La Real Academia; On-line version of this venerable Spanish language resource

Comp-jugador; Spanish verb conjugator; over 10,000 verbs in complete conjugation

Basic Computer Spanglish Pitfalls; (Errores habituales de Spanglish de los informáticos ... y también de los no informáticos)

Centro Virtual Cervantes; El Oteador; Point your browser to Diccionarios, léxicos y glosarios

Eurodicautom; "A translator's best friend on the Web", a well-done dictionary of numerous European languages

Base de datos sintácticos del español actual; A searchable text base useful for verifying usage

Spanish Learning Resources; Good references to tutorials, Spanish Language schools and assorted other links.

Glosario básico inglés-español para usuarios de Internet

Jerga, argot, slang, modismo; a dictionary of Spanish slang arranged by country

List and Glossary of medical terms: Spanish

Proofing tools; Spellchecker and Thesaurus for Word - Spanish and other languages

Dictionaries in Spanish and other languages
Travlang's Foreign Languages for Travelers; An impressive site linking resources in numerous languages. It includes listings of dictionaries and language schools.

Electronic Greetings Cards

Ciberpostales; Mande tarjetas postales digitales en español

Tus buscadores; a collection of links to sites offering postcards, greetings cards and... (in Spanish)

Hispanic Literature on Line

Enlaces literarios

Links a recursos literarios

Almacén de Cuentos Garabato

Schools and Study Abroad

Study Abroad.Com; "...the on-line study abroad information resource"

Questions and Answers - Mexico's Spanish Language Schools compiled by Ron Mader.

Amerispan Unlimited; Spanish language schools, travel arrangements and traveller tips. This site is very informative.; Links to study centers in Europe and the Americas - mutiple languages

Cultural Experiences Abroad
Universidad Nacional de la Plata (Argentina)

CETYS Universidad Home Page
UT-Lanic Home Pages
Cinema Studies at the University of Barcelona

Magazines in Spanish

Zona Latina - Magazines; very comprehensive listing of magazines on-line

Centro virtual Cervantes

La red; Revista sobre Internet en español (España)


There are numerous newsgroups dedicated to specific countries, both hispanic and otherwise. With the Hispanic newsgroups, many of the postings are in Spanish. These newsgroups afford you the chance to learn about other cultures (perhaps from the perspective of a homesick Bolivian) while you improve your Spanish.


Zona Latina - Newspapers; a premiere site for links to newspapers world-wide


Zona Latina - Radio; Links to radio broadcasts in Spanish

Special Interest

Spanishlinks; sites for young children

Travel Languages

Free Rice Click on Change Subjects and then choose Language Learning - Spanish The site helps build Spanish vocabulary asking the visitor to pair the Spanish word with its English equivalent


Parlo Tutorials and daily e-mail language help

Learn Spanish

Spanish Grammar Exercises

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