Sundial Bridge to Anderson River Park Paddle

01-Launch From Sundial Bridge 02-Sundial Bridge Launch Ramp 03-Sundial Bridge 04-Kris leads out of Sundial 05-Connie Follows 06-Karen Shows her Form 07-Flat Water below Cypress Bridge 08-Kris Looks Down-river 09.More Calm Water 11-Still Calm 12-Lots of Current-Small Waves 13-Kris Again 14-Kris Cruising 15-Kris Glides 16-The Quiet Before the Storm 17-Why Cant It Stay This Calm 18-Kris Just before Anderson River Park
01-Launch From Sundial Bridge1 02-Sundial Bridge Launch Ramp2 03-Sundial Bridge3 04-Kris leads out of Sundial4 05-Connie Follows5 06-Karen Shows her Form6 07-Flat Water below Cypress Bridge7 08-Kris Looks Down-river8 09.More Calm Water9 11-Still Calm10 12-Lots of Current-Small Waves11 13-Kris Again12 14-Kris Cruising13 15-Kris Glides14 16-The Quiet Before the Storm15 17-Why Cant It Stay This Calm16 18-Kris Just before Anderson River Park17
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